Deribasovkaya Street is the main symbol of Odessa and is named after the famous architect of Odessa, Deribas, who planned and laid a plan to build the old part of Odessa. Deribasovkaya Street is the heart of Odessa and the main street of the city, with its magnificent architecture, numerous cafes, restaurants and shops. Its roadway is paved with cobble stones, Deribasovskaya, which describe the atmosphere of old Odessa during the 19th century. Along the seaside boulevard of Deribasovskaya is a favorite place for Odessa citizens and tourists to take walks. Historically and contrary to accepted canons of town planning, Deribasovskaya does not have a descent to the sea and is of small length and width; it was chosen as Odessa's main street of the city for its beauty and atmosphere. From its inception the street had an inherent special charm, always bringing in the elite from high society. Fine French wine was sold, restaurants served Italian food and beauty parlors brought in the aristocratic beauty of the city. The air was filled with the sweetest scents of confectionery, and artists that paint portraits added a touch of creative atmosphere.

Here is the question we have; what was the first name of Deribasovskaya Street? It is not strange, it is Sadovaya Street. And there's nothing strange, it was named for the first fleet of the Odessa-city garden. It is between Preobrazhenskaya and Havannaya streets, and was built in 1803, shortly after the founding of the city by brothers' Jose and Felix de Ribas. In 1806, Felix gave the city land which became the first city garden. Since mid-2006 the city garden was under restoration, and in May 2007 it was re-opened to visitors. The singing fountain appeared in the park and also the round indoor scene was restored, where you can see performances by symphony orchestras. The city garden is also known for its monuments, some of which have become symbols of Odessa; a monument to "the twelfth chair" in memory of the book by Ilf and Petrov's The Twelve Chairs ", a monument to Odessa singer Leonid Utyosov, and a memorial to the pilot and athlete of the beginning of XX century, Sergey Utochkin.

Directly opposite the city park, on the other side of Deribasovskaya Street there is the famous building Passage, a monument of 19th century designed by architect L. Vlodek, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Passage is etched in stone in the story of Odessa. It formed the so-called Odessa architectural style created by European architects to experiment in a free territory. In 19th century, they sold perfumes, the phonograph, and a luxury grocery store gave off smells of Colonial coffee and Chinese tea. The modern Passage has the same name and includes a hotel, shops and restaurants which are grouped together under one glass roof that supplements a sense of the immense space and brings light into the building.

One block down from Deribasovskaya Street is the hotel, "New Moscow", which was also designed by LA Vlodek. In contrast to Passage, "New Moscow" is made in the style of early modernism. It is in the design of building facades that were built in 1910, using the form of vegetable ornament, female masks, and curvilinear shapes of openings and balconies. Now the hotel is being completely re-constructed and in 2012 re-opens its doors to visitors of the city. For modern Odessa, Deribasovskaya is a favorite walking, meeting and shopping place among the citizens of Odessa. Almost all tours around Odessa include familiarity with Deribasovskaya Street and its monuments in their programs. Numerous cafes throughout the streets provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy special dishes of Odessa cuisine; a mix of recipes of Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish cuisine.


The most popular restaurants are Pecheskago in the park, Steak House at the corner of the Havannaya street, and Compote on Deribasovskaya Street, 16. For those wishing to sample the best dishes of traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine you can visit the restaurant Lasunka. A lot of guests prefer to stay in Odessa Ukraine hotels and private apartments on Deribasovskaya Street. Directly on the main Street, the city has 3 large hotels which are the 4-star Continental, 3-star Frapoli and the already mentioned Hotel Passage. Adjacent to them mini-hotels have settled down; Deribas, Anabel, Paradise, and others.


Prices in these hotels are quite high; so many tourists take advantage of rental apartments which are a cheaper option. This type of accommodation is very popular in many European countries; for a fairly small amount of money you receive a fairly high level of service and amenities. Odessa`s apartments and commercial premises are available through the internet, so you can easily choose the most suitable variant. Odessa is a pearl in the sea, these glorious sights, curative spas, plenty of sun, the lulling waves of the sea ... We hope that by passing through the city streets first, you give a curious look at the many heritage of the cities, and the days you spend in Odessa will be pleasant and full of impressions.

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